January 16, 2010

Photo du Jour - Church Bells

Watch? Why would I need to wear a watch?
When I'm home, I always know what time it is. Pin It


Nadege said...

Ouch! My in laws have clocks in all the rooms of their house. When we go to visit them (Hawaii), we ask them to turn them all off. I guess they are used to them and don't mind. There are so many things to be aware of when you buy a house. Fore sure, you don't want to live close to a hospital or police/fire station.

wcs said...

Do you even notice them any more? When I lived in SF the air traffic was pretty loud, but after a while I forgot about it.

deedeeinfrance said...

We live far from the center of town but can still hear the bells.

Betty C. said...

Yes, I remember those bells in the wee hours sleeping at your house!

BTW, you made a typo on "church..." Just thought I'd let you know.

Betty C. said...

Just signing up for comment follow-up. Bon dimanche!

Chef Chuck said...

That is so funny to me! I sometimes miss those bells, but not in your case! Thanks for the smile :)

felK said...

We we are in Roubia I automatically check my watch when the bells start. It starts to get to me!!!!!!!!!!!

Loulou said...

We are used the bells now and I always miss them when I'm away.

Not unless I'm listening for them. I used to live on a busy street in New Orleans in the French Quarter. A parade could be going on outside our bedroom and I could sleep right through it!

Luckily we don't have any of those speakers from the Mairie near our house. Those drive me crazy!

Sometimes our guests insist that the bells don't toll all night because they think they would have heard them!
Thanks for letting me know about the typo.

Chef Chuck
Thank you for commenting and you're welcome!

Veronica said...

Ha! I know just what you mean. Our village clock (a republican one, it's not part of the church) shares a wall with our bedroom -- you don't get much closer than that! It was clockwork till about 8 years ago, so we could hear the constant ticking from our bed, and we'd wake every Monday morning to the man from the mairie clanking up the ladder to wind it up. Like you, we miss it when we are away!

Loulou said...

No you definitely don't get much closer than that!