December 20, 2009

Sunday Links

The exhilaration and shock of receiving la nationalité française has started to wear off and life slowly gets back to normal. One can only drink so much Champagne!
Actually I'd be very happy to drink Champagne every day...but our bank balance wouldn't be very healthy.

Winter has hit the Minervois with a sharp, numbing, freezing wind, and its arrival coincides with my annual dog sitting stint for our friends. Every morning I don as many layers as I possibly can and head out in the vineyards for a long walk with la belle T'choupi.

One of the best things about being outside that early is enjoying the colors of the sunrise. And when it's this cold, that is the only enjoyable thing!

A few links that have crossed my radar this week:

T & A & Fromage. Does sex really sell when it comes to cheese?

An interview with yours truly. Thanks again Keith!

Sensational seasonal market menus and recipes.

One dish, two versions. I plan on making them both.

Yum! YUM!!!

What a fabulous clock! Especially the one in French. Pin It
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