December 27, 2009

Looking For Work in France

As soon as my contract at the restaurant ended in October, I gathered all of my paperwork and went to register with the unemployment office in Béziers. It was an errand that took a ridiculous amount of time driving around lost in a Zone Industrielle with unmarked streets before I finally stumbled across the nondescript Pôle-Emploi building surrounded by car dealerships.

Once there I met with a couple of young, perky fonctionnaires and left the office with my all important registration number and yet another dossier crammed full of information to translate.

Almost every morning I dutifully log in to their website to see what jobs are available within a 50 kilometer radius of our village. You'll never guess what employment opportunity popped up on my search the other day...

a job as a shepherd.

For a second it looked intriguing.

Then I read the job requirements and they only wanted a shepherd with at least three years experience.

Guess that leaves me out of the running. Pin It
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