December 16, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Buronnier

As this cheese quest advances (20 months, 147 cheeses and counting!), I'm continually surprised by the seemingly endless variety, flavor and character of French cheeses out there.

I picked up this wedge of le Buronnier along with a couple of others when I went to visit Betty in Rodez last month.

That moldy, rough, rustic rind attracted me immediately. I really expected this one to be special!
Well, it wasn't.
Just goes to show that looks aren't everything.

Le Buronnier is an unpasteurized cow's milk cheese that has a mild flavor, a nice, rich and buttery mouthfeel and a bitter bite that comes on late. Strangely it has absolutely no aroma.
There was nothing wrong with this fromage férmier from Aveyron per se, I just found it to be lacking in character.

If you plan on tasting this one, a good wine pairing would be a red Marcillac or a white Estaing.
Who knows, you might enjoy it more than I did. Pin It
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