December 4, 2009

10 Reasons I Love Gascony

Ten reasons barely scratch the surface. But it's a start.

1) The Armagnac
Deep caramel flavors and fruity aromas. Very special stuff indeed.

2) The Landscape
Uncrowded and dotted with treasures to discover. Gascony is often referred to as "the land of milk and honey."

3) The People
Friendly, passionate and always willing to share a recipe or two, give restaurant recommendations or to just stop and chat.

4) The Towns
Nérac, Agen, Condom, Auch. A lifetime wouldn't be enough to explore them all.

5) The Fritons
Crispy, salty, fried duck skin. Need I say more?

6) The History
The Hundred Years war, King Henri IV, The Wars of Religion. Gascony's history is layered and rich.

7) The Pigeonniers
Why do I find them so charming?

8) The Foie Gras
Silky, rich and utterly irresistible.

9) Les Pruneaux
Dried or pitted and stuffed with natural cream or Armagnac infused cream. What a treat!

10) Kate Hill
Dynamic, kind and devoted to the region, its food and the people who grow and produce it.
I can't say enough kind things about her. If you have the opportunity to study Gascon cuisine with Kate at her Kitchen at Camont, you must!
It is an incredible and unforgettable experience

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