November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Gascony

How do three Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in rural southwestern France?

No turkey. No cranberry sauce. No green bean casserole (for that I am thankful!) No pumpkin pie.

For our Thanksgiving in Gascony, Kate, Carol and I spent the morning at the market in Éauze, spent the afternoon tasting Armagnac and after un p'tit apéro when we got home, whipped up a simple, yet festive meal of Chestnut Soup, Duck Legs with Prunes, cheese from the Pyrénées and Fromageon Gascon spread on toasted fig bread.
What a perfect day.

Fromageon Gascon
Mix the three ingredients together and spread on toasted slices of walnut or fig bread
Drizzle extra honey on top if you like it a bit sweeter

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