November 22, 2009

Photo du Jour - Blown Away

The soft, unseasonable autumn weather we've been having means that the leaves have been hanging on for a bit longer than usual.
Some strong winds blew last night and sadly blew most of them away.

Luckily I snapped this photo (and many others of the vineyards) before that happened. Pin It


The Duchess said...

I think they've blown straight into my garden!lol
They do seem to be hanging around longer this year, but then again it has been pretty mild lately.

Dale said...

AA came through with FF tickets for late April early May for us to get to Paris - from there I think by train to Alsace for a few days and then drive through Beaune to see old B&B friend and then a week in the Massif Central - any suggestions on sightseeing in that area???

Loulou said...

This has been a fantastic autumn! I love how warm it has been.
Sounds like you've spent a good amount of time raking. :)

How exciting!
I've never been to the Massif Central so cannot recommend anything. I'm sure there are some tourist websites out there that would help you.