November 1, 2009

I Think Our Cat Has a Lingerie Fetish

Domino likes to help me do the laundry.
And by "help" I mean he likes to pull various pieces of my clothing off the drying rack and drag them around the house. I've found t-shirts, socks, and once a cardigan scattered about.

But his big thrill are my panties. Which I find really annoying because I keep finding my clean knickers either on the stairs or on the landing, crumpled up and covered in cat hair.

I suspect that our cat has a lingerie fetish.

Now one of my bras has gone missing and I can't find it even though I have searched for it everywhere.
I think I know who to blame.

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brassfrog said...

While our Jolie cat loves to sit on my wife's panties, her most maddening habit is to grab dental floss from the waste basket and eat it. Now I have a ziplock under the sink filled with used dental floss. Sheesh! :)

spacedlaw said...

Well, as long as he doesn't try to put them on...

Anonymous said...

One of our cats used to take my clothes and run around with them. I found a bra in the back yard in the mud and my husband found a slip under the gas grill, also in the back yard. He had to carry them through 3 cat doors to get outdoors! He never took my husband's clothes, just mine. He grew out of his fetish. It was so funny that I was rather sad when he stopped.

oops! said...

i was reading your post and getting quite excited!
Then we get a picture of the cat!
Not what I was expecting(hoping for....)

Jennifer said...

Yuck! So glad that isn't an issue here.

We're not sure what he does when he's upstairs on his own! :)

That is hysterical! Thanks for making me laugh.

Sorry to disappoint...