October 27, 2009

Photo du Jour - Colors of Marseille

Faded sign in le Panier.

This quirky quartier, one of the oldest in Marseille, is a maze of narrow streets and steep staircases lined with colorful old houses, art and craft galleries, cafés and restaurants.

Le Panier's current claim to fame - it's the backdrop for the popular night time French soap opera, Plus Belle la Vie (often called PBLV). Pin It


mimi charmante said...

gorgeous vibrant color! so perfect for this wonderful autumn season~

Veronica said...

I like the way the German version says "live like God in Provence" -- obviously a reference to the German saying "Leben wie Gott in Frankreich", meaning to live a good life.

Loulou said...

My friends thought I was a bit strange to be taking photos of all the old, faded signs around town. I love them!

Many would agree that you do live like a god in Provence!