October 19, 2009

Photo du Jour - Cassis

Cassis is one of those wonderful, old French port villages. It is an enchanting little place that oozes with Mediterranean charm.
After several visits over the last 15 years, I find it as alluring as ever. Pin It


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Thank you for taking me away for a moment this rainy, cool morning here in California. I so love Cassis, had my very first passion fruit gelato there and met a new friend with the cutest dog. Beautiful photo!

the gardeners cottage said...

Gorgeous photo as usual. how far is this from your village. I hope you took a moment to read all the lovely comments your blog brought.


talesfromagarden said...

was this taken on this date?
what a blue sky ! i visited cassis in 07 and thought it a beautiful place as is the whole of provence, i live in ireland and at the moment at 11.25pm its raining and a strong wind blowing and pitch black!

Loulou said...

You're welcome! It is one of my most favorite places in France.

It's about 3 hours east of us.
I did read the comments last night. Very nice indeed! Thanks again.

This was taken on Sunday. It was one of those perfect autumn days, sunny and warm, but not too warm.
Sorry to hear about your cold and wind!

georgiegirl said...

Lovely village by the sea. We dropped by there one afternoon on the way down south in 1997. My husband still talks about wanting to go back there.

Loulou said...

My friend who currently lives there is planning on moving away by the end of next year, so I must make another trip to visit her while I can!

jen laceda said...

I love Cassis, too! In fact, I just posted about the port in my blog!

Cathi said...

what a gorgeous photo and area....I hope to get there one day!

Loulou said...

Loved your post about Cassis. It is a little gem!

You won't be disappointed, I promise. :)