October 10, 2009

Bidding Adieu...

Upon learning of the sudden demise of Gourmet magazine the other day I sat down in front of my cookbook/cooking magazine bookshelves to take a little trip down memory lane with the issues of the magazine that I've collected over the years.

On the shelves, surrounded by over a dozen copies each of Food & Wine, Saveur (both English and French versions), Bon Appetit and Cuisine et Vins de France, were a measly four copies of Gourmet.


I was sure that in the last eight or so years I had compiled a larger number than that. Nope.

It made me realize that as sad as I am for the loss of a 68 year old institution and for the cooks, writers, photographers, etc. who lost their jobs so suddenly, I never really had an enduring love affair with Gourmet.
So I bid you adieu.

And in your memory I vow that I will never buy a copy of Everyday With Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade. But I can't promise I won't check out Cooking With Paula Deen, because she's just so bad, she's good. Pin It


Claudine said...

I am very saddened for the loss of Gourmet but like you, over the years I have saved the special French versions and that is about it. I have of course ripped out recipes to save,and have a few of the yearly books of their best recipies as well.

Emm said...

I liked Gourmet but not enough to spend money for it or save it. It always read a bit like "The New Yorker Goes to the Restaurant."

As for Paula Deen, those recipes are a walking coronary condition. Yikes.

Word verification: endolar. Hope that's not a comment on the exchange rates.

Vivi said...

I'd sure like to know the four steps for perfect southern biscuits, though (which is on the cover of your magazine, in case I'm being a bit obscure!). I can't get mine right (much to my grandmother's shame, I'm sure).

Betty C. said...

I learned this from your blog -- I remember I used to subscribe to Gourmet when I was living in Albi, and have a few issues somewhere, I think. My all-time favorite duck-breast recipe is from that magazine, and I always enjoyed telling people it was an American recipe. I loved the writing in the magazine, but maybe it didn't change with the times enough? I'll have to read up on it a little.

Loulou said...

I've torn some recipes out over the years too.
I wish they would keep the website up for a while, but think it will shut down soon.

Paula Deen just cracks me up. I've never cooked any of her recipes, I just like her moxie.

Here's the recipe from that issue: http://www.gourmet.com/recipes/2000s/2008/01/biscuits

I'd love to see that duck breast recipe!

Angelina said...

I was never a reader of Gourmet but hearing about it shutting down made me run to my cookbook and magazine shelves to look through my Cook's Illustrated collection and I have a fear now that it will be next.

David said...

I understand your view that P Deen is entertaining, but Emm is right, she's poison in the kitchen. I moved about a year ago and discovered that I had accumulated about 15 Gourmet mags over maybe 20 years. I went through them and tore out every decent recipe I could find (about 20) and threw the rest away. Excellent house cleaning before a move.

Loulou said...

I hope not, but you never know these days.

Aw, c'mon...poison? A bit harsh don't you think? Not all of her recipe use a pound of butter! This one only uses 2 ounces: http://recipes.pauladeen.com/recipes/view2/white_bean_chili/

I did the same with my magazines before we moved to France and have several notebooks of torn out recipes which I still use all the time.