September 19, 2009

Photo du Jour - Figs, Ham, Cheese, Honey

A succulent, simple dish using the bounty of Languedoc figs - thin slices of Serrano ham, fresh mozzarella and ripe figs, drizzled all over with honey. Pin It


the gardeners cottage said...

Everything you do looks so incredible!

mimi charmante said...

That looks incredibly fantastic! Inspiring as well~
bon weekend,

Graham said...

From the picture the figs look like the sucre vert variety. These seem to be the most prolifically productive trees in the central Herault valley.

Loulou said...

gardener's cottage
I must give credit for this dish to our friends who had us over for lunch last weekend. They picked the figs from their tree just minutes before it was served.

It was delicious!
Bon weekend.

I always wondered what these beautiful green ones were called. There are so many varieties growing around here!

red ticking said...

i have just discovered your blog and i love it... will visit often... figs, cheese, france...aaahhhhh

Loulou said...

red ticking
Welcome! Thanks for visiting. Where in Seattle is your shop located?

Gary said...

OH...Serrano Ham. Food of the Gods!

Loulou said...

I love it too. My sister could eat it for every meal and still not get enough!