September 23, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Rogeret

It's funny, but I'm always a bit disappointed when I find out that a cheese is pasteurized. Raw cheese just appeals to me. It is more real, has more attitude.

On my last visit to the cheese counter in les Halles I picked up several delicious new cheeses, all of which were unpasteurized, with this one exception. Thankfully Monsieur le Fromager was so enthusiastic about Rogeret that I decided to trust him.

In the future I vow to be more open minded about pasteurized French cheese!

Le Rogeret is made from a blend of pasteurized* goat and cow's milk in the stunning Ardèche region of southeastern France. It is matured for about two weeks on straw mats, giving the exterior a striated texture, similar to Saint-Félicien.

It is a very agreeable, likable cheese that is deliciously soft and creamy. The flavor is rich with hazelnuts and earthy mushrooms, and there is a slight tangy bitterness on the finish. We both loved it!

A glass of Beaujolais would pair perfectly with le Rogeret.

*There is a fermier, unpasteurized version of le Rogeret called Rogeret de Lamastre that I am now eager to try. Pin It
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