September 29, 2009

Caipirinha + Champagne = Mal de Tête

Every couple of months or so my girlfriends and I get together for an evening of girl talk and a catch up on each others lives. Sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we dance, always we discuss juicy topics and share delicious food and drink.

At our last gathering it was my night off of work and I wasn't driving. I had one little, teensy-weensy caipirinha and a couple glasses (well, maybe three) of Champagne. The next morning...ouch.
A headache of epic proportions.

So the next time you're offered caipirinhas and Champagne, stick with one or the other.
Don't say I didn't warn you. Pin It


spacedlaw said...

Or drink twice as much water to avoid dehydrating because of alcohol consumption (more often than not this is what's causing the headaches)

Peter M said...

LOL, they are delicious drinks but the sugar is the culprit here. Well worth the "mal de tete".

See, even "hangover" sounds better in French!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Will definitely remember your warning..Thanks Loulou.

Sounds like fun night, are you still doing your meals from around the world..Food Themed nights?

Garry said...

Life is all about balance - thus the reason for the "mal de tete" is because you did not drink as much Caiprinha as Champagne!

Valerie said...

I'm jealous.... might I join the gang next time, as I won't be chained to the restaurant for the first time in a veeerrrry long time!!

Katie Zeller said...

Sounds absolutely worth it!
I need to move to a village - a group of girlfriends sounds like fun!

Jennifer said...

I drank some water, but not twice as much. Need to remember that for next time!

The sugar was the culprit? You mean, the alcohol had nothing to do with it? :)
(Actually, la gueule de bois is the word for hangover, mal de tête is headache)

We haven't had a World Food night since the early summer. Now that our crazy/busy summers are over we'll be trying to organize another one.

I'll remember that! :) And to drink twice as much water, as suggested above.

As soon as we start planning our next night I'll let you know!

It is nice to have a group to hang out with every so often. Friends are so important!