August 16, 2009

Sunday Reading

We're having a heat wave. A south of France heat wave.
And I am sick of it!
Staying cool has become an obsession.

The perfect, icy pick me up to beat the heat on a sizzling afternoon. Or to wake you up on a muggy morning.

Refreshing and zesty. One of my favorites.

Soup in the summer? Absolutely! Especially when its full of garlic, almonds and sherry vinegar.
This lemongrass infused version also looks fantastic.

One of the most amazing, most refreshing salads. Ever.

How I long for central air on days like these.
We own a little, mobile air conditioner, but it only cools a small space, so we keep it upstairs in our bedroom. It is heavenly on those sweltering nights.

If anyone has a favorite beat the heat recipe to share, I would love for you to share it with me! Pin It
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