August 23, 2009

Photo du Jour - Charlotte aux Fruits Rouges

Le dessert du moment - Charlotte aux Fruits Rouges Pin It


Betty C. said...

Ijust love charlottes so much -- but we didn't name our daughter after them! I'm assuming this is at the restaurant; I think I recognize the tablecloth from a previous photo!

spacedlaw said...

Tres joli!

MichieMole said...

Argh, this looks fab U Lous. Yum yum yum. Slurp, dribble, drool!

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness this looks so good it hurts my feelings! How was it?

Anonymous said...

I suppose it isn't gluten-free? But, it looks wonderfully yummy. Sigh.

The Beaver said...

I wish I was in France :-)

Aeneas said...

This is totally fabulous! Stabbed the monitor with a fork. :)

jpp said...

cela ma rappelle mon ancien metier de patissier

Loulou said...

You didn't name her after the dessert?

It is at a resto, but the first time we've ever been there. I think there is another one in the are that uses the same tablecloths.

I thought so too!


Very good, according to husband. I ordered another dessert. Photo here:

Hmm....unfortunately I doubt that it is. You'll have to feast with your eyes! :)

I'm glad that I am. When is your next trip???

Hope you didn't do any damage! lol

oui...I'm sure it does. So, when are you going to make this for us???