July 6, 2009

Sunday (you mean it's Monday already?) Reading

So bad it's wickedly good.

It's that time of year again. Stage 5 will be zooming through our little corner of France on Wednesday.

The longer we live in France, the stronger my desire to live in Paris. Maybe one day...

This woman has the most incredible eye. Truly stunning photos.

Husband came dangerously close to having one too many of these delightful drinks yesterday at a friend's BBQ. They are the ultimate summer refresher. I find that they go down far too easily...so I usually play it safe and stick to rosé. Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Pimms can be or should I say Lethal!!! Good idea of yours to play safe :-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh yes Lucillians photos are brilliant :-)

Elk said...

Ooo you'll have to take some photos of the Tour when it zips past you, I think it would be just thrilling to be anywhere in France and have the tour go past

we are never full said...

oh yeah... thanks for the link! pimms be dangerous on a hot summer day! but they are delicious.

i think moving to paris is on many people's minds (like mine) but you are the one that really could do it! lucky, lucky, lucky.

Loulou said...

They are, aren't they? :)

It is a lot of fun to go and watch the Tour. A few years ago we packed a picnic and watched them whiz past. It is a great experience.

we are never full
you're welcome!