May 21, 2009

Photo du Jour - Tupperware?

Never thought that my first ever Tupperware party would took place in an old stone house overlooking the vineyards in rural France. Actually, I never ever thought I would have the chance go to a Tupperware party in the first place.
It seemed like such a 1970's thing to do...
So when the invitation from my friend arrived, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Gone are the days of my mother's avocado green (to match our kitchen appliances, of course), mustard yellow and pumpkin orange colored salad bowls, measuring cups and lemonade pitchers.
The array of products they offer now is impressive! In festive, bright colors and every shape imaginable. You can get everything from wine bottle stoppers to manual food processors to fish poachers to vented charcuterie keepers.

Truly a gadget for every day of the year. And the prices are definitely 21st century! Pin It
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