April 5, 2009

Photo du Jour - Bel Air

A classic American Chevrolet Bel Air. Not something you see very often in the south of France! Pin It


Dale said...

how did the Chev make it to France??

tried your Kofka recipe - excellent - will do it again with lamb!! we had Sriracha as our hot sauce and luckily cut it back to 1/2 tps!! used mint in the Tzataiki and basmati rice + carrots with mint and ginger as sides! great

wife wrote it up on her blog
http://schnitzelandthetrout.blogspot.com - I am the trout - HA!!

keep up the good work - we have cancelled out gite reservations for Alsace - champagne and Paris due to the stock market but kept the FF tickets with AA just in case things turn around in a week or so - heaven help us!!
thanks Dale

Sandy said...

Sweet car and scenery!

David said...

It's funny because about an hour outside of Paris is a big old garage and car yard that specializes in old American cars. I don't know how much business they do (but really, is that all that important in France?) but it's fun to drive by and see old Buicks and wood-paneled station wagons.

Once I saw a Pacer in Paris, which was one time I really wish I had my camera.

Loulou said...

No idea!
Glad you enjoyed the Kofta. I would make it again too. Thanks for the link on your wife's blog. Or please thank her for me!

Hope you two are able to take your trip to France soon.

I was surprised to see a classic car like this here. Couldn't resist taking a photo.

I wonder if they use the old cars for films or something?

A Pacer? That must have been so bizarre! Haven't seen one of those in years.