April 29, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Saint-Christophe

Heavily perfumed with the scent of woody herbs and goat-filled barnyards, Le Saint-Christophe is not for the faint of heart!

This is a bold cheese.

It looks innocent enough - a nice, soft white rind wrapped around a creamy, melting interior - mais attention, looks can be deceiving! One taste and your senses are hit with a blast of tantalizing, spicy and seductive flavors.
I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

If you love assertive, intensely flavored goat's cheese, this is one that you must try.

Le Saint-Christophe is an unpasteurized goat's milk cheese, produced and matured on a farm near the small town of St-Christophe Vallon, in the Aveyron.

A glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Sancerre would be a good match to this cheese's robust flavors.

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Nadege said...

Sometimes it is torture to look at pictures of cheese that I know I won't be able to eat until July.
Imagine, a crisp glass of wine, a crusty baguette and the cheese!!!!
Can't wait! I have been taking notes and will hit "fromageries" in France. I will eat my way through France this summer.

parlezvouskiwi said...

So the worst the smell of the cheese, the better it tastes? Is that the general rule?

Yummmmmm. chhhheeesse.

spacedlaw said...

I am drooling all over the keyboard.

Betty C. said...

This is one of T's clients. They stock it at our local grocery store. Where did you find it?

Loulou said...

You are going to have a very cheese-filled trip this summer!
Isn't the combination of vin, pain et fromage the best?

But not always.

We should do a cheese exchange some time. Some of the Italian cheeses you try look amazing.

I bought it in Béziers, with you! At the second fromagerie that we went to in les Halles.
have you ever tried it?

Betty C. said...

Hmmm, I kind of remember that now that you mention it, but it didn't spring to mind when I saw the cheese. It also seemed like too long of a time ago. Anyway, yes, I have eaten that cheese many times! I think the producers are quite the entrepreneurs and have worked hard to get their product "out there."

Loulou said...

It seems like a long time ago that you were here...
when are you coming back? :)

Betty C. said...

Yes, it does seem like a long time. I rather doubt I would come back before the summer, then I go to the USA...you are always welcome to come up here, though. I just bought some great cheese in Rodez!

Loulou said...

Maybe in the autumn I can take a ride up there? It would be great to see the area. And taste some cheese, of course. :)

Betty C. said...

Oh of course, the fall is often a lovely time here. We'll keep in touch regardless, across the many wires!

Loulou said...

Absolutely! I look forward to much more time spent together. Here or there.
Please keep in touch and be patient with my delay in answering emails. I can be a bit tardy sometimes.

Betty C. said...

Oh, who isn't? Email, Facebook, blogging, Twitter...I don't know where to set my priorities. It's all so fun, hehe!