April 8, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Petit Campredon

One of the perks of blogging is getting to know other bloggers.

Usually this is limited to contact via your respective blogs, but sometimes you're lucky enough to meet them in person. And, if you're even luckier, they come for a visit offering a generous gift basket full of wine, honey, jam and six different cheeses from their region of France.
Now, how did she know that this would be the perfect gift?

Le Petit Campredon is one of the six delicious cheeses that Betty brought down from the Aveyron for us to taste.

Produced in the village of Golinhac, Le Petit Campredon is an unpasteurized half goat's milk, half cow's milk fromage fermier.

This is a lovely little cheese that has a creamy texture with a chalky middle.
It is citrusy, delicate and mild tasting, yet gives off a heady barnyard aroma that doesn't do its soft, tangy flavor any favors. As I've already learned, never be dissuaded by a cheese's strong perfume. It is often concealing something delicious!

Enjoy with a glass of Coteaux du Languedoc.

Thanks again Betty! Pin It


Betty Carlson said...

What a fabulous photo of "my" cheese!

lafille said...

I'm learning that lesson about taste v. aroma as well. What a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

Great photo!!
Hope the cheese was good to.

Sandy said...

very nice and cheesy.=)yummm

Jennifer said...

We finished it last night, but still have plenty of the others to enjoy. I love the little Cabecou too! Thank you again.

Many people are put off by the way some cheeses smell, but I have found that some of the smelliest are some of the mildest tasting.

Yes, Betty brought us a fabulous gift!

It was wonderful! Highly recommended.

Yes, what I write about is often very cheesy. :)

spacedlaw said...

That looks wonderfully creamy

Jennifer said...

It was creamy on the outside and soft and crumbly in the middle. Lovely!