April 1, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - La Tomme Céronnée

France's Savoie region is famous for its rugged snow-capped mountains, clear lakes and gorgeous green valleys. It is a mecca for skiers, campers and hikers.

Tomme Céronnée is also a mecca. For cheese mites.
If you look very closely you could see the little creatures frolicking amongst the hills and valleys that they have created while munching away on its rind.

Tomme Céronnée is produced in the mountains of the Savoie from unpasteurized cow's milk, then aged for 3 months. The cheese is supple, ivory colored and dotted with small holes, and the mites create a powdery, holey rind like Mimolette's.
The slightly salty, milky and hazelnut flavors combined beautifully with the meaty, chewy texture. It was a very enjoyable tasting!

So if the thought of tiny insects crawling around on your food doesn't bother you, and it shouldn't because you cut the hard rind off anyway, this cheese will definitely win you over.

Enjoy with a glass of red Côtes du Rhône or white from the Savoie region.

Since it is obvious that I can't get my you-know-what together and get any writing done on Tuesdays, la Fête du Fromage is officially moving to Wednesdays.

Tuesday is market day in Olonzac, it's the day that I get most of my errands run and we often have friends around Tuesday evening for dinner. Basically, I run out of time for cheese. Of course, one could argue that I could be more organized and have the post written before Tuesday, but I just don't see that happening.

So, Wednesdays it is! Pin It
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