April 18, 2009

A Cheese Odyssey

Two years ago I impulsively decided to take on the whopping task of tasting each and every cheese produced in France. Today, April 18, is the two year anniversary of la Fête du Fromage.
I think that calls for a celebration!

Each and every cheese
...just how many is that exactly? Apparently there is no definitive answer. Some say as few as 350 and other sources cite as many as 1000. The most common answer is that there are around 400-500 French cheeses.

In the last two years I have tasted about 130 of the 350-1000. That means I've got another 3 to 10 years of delicious French cheese tasting to look forward to. Here's to that!

A few highlights from the last 2 years:

Tomette des Corbières,
Le Napoléon Commingeois
Tomme de Maquis
la Taupinière
La Courounne Lochoise

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