March 25, 2009

Photo du Jour - Nature's Pom Poms

Fuzzy plane tree fruit decorates the bare, leafless branches all winter long.
In the spring the pom poms break apart and scatter their delicate seeds in the wind. Pin It


garry said...

Guys all over the world are looking at your picture and your comments and thinking "that all seems eerily familiar"

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Love this photo...I didn't realize that they were called Plane trees..apparently loads in London and in Paris they have tree lined boulevards!

colours said...

ohhhh ..." Pompons" I like tis ideia.

Loulou said...

That's quite a leap. Can't quite believe you would get there from this photo...

Yes, les platanes in French. They are everywhere here.

They also remind me of Christmas tree decorations

Connie Schaut said...

We have them in Washington state.