March 14, 2009

Photo du Jour - Languedoc Views

The mountains were sparkling in the sun yesterday. Pin It


oysterculture said...

I feel like I am taking a mini vacation - merci!

The Beaver said...


Which range of mountains is it ?

Nadege said...

The Pyrenees look glorious! How often to you get to climb those beautiful mountains? We stopped in Foix once and it seems like a very nice little cities. The road to Andora was pretty. My sister and her husband rent a house every summer in a little village (I forgot the name). They love the cirque de Gavarnie.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

WOW WOW WOW....stunning views, beautiful photo!!!

Sandy said...

Yes what a stunning view! If these are the Pyrenees...the town called Luchon is a charming town in this area.

Loulou said...

De rien!
Love your site. I've just added it to my Links List.

Those are the Pyrénées.

They are so stunning, aren't they? I've driven through Foix, and know Mirepoix and Andorra. I'm not a skier, but it is gorgeous up there in the summer.

Thanks! I'm glad you like the photo.

They are indeed. Thank you for the recommendation!

Judith said...

Haha, such a small world; that's exactly what the rockies looked like from the plane window yesterday on my way back from LA.

Loulou said...

The skies were clear when I changed planes in Denver several weeks ago. The Rockies are breathtaking!

Sally's Chateau said...

Don't they look stunning today too ? xx (must stop looking out of the windown tho')