March 30, 2009

If I Only Had A...............Dishwasher

Last night I was really missing a dishwasher. Our friends had come for a long Sunday lunch and the massive clean-up afterward consisted of:
  • 4 champagne glasses
  • 4 wine glasses
  • 4 water glasses
  • 4 demitasse cups and saucers
  • 4 after dinner drink glasses
  • 4 salad plates
  • 4 dinner plates
  • 4 cheese plates
  • 4 dessert plates
  • cutlery for 4 people for each course
  • apéritif platter
  • cheese platter
  • mixing bowls, pots, pans, baking dishes, tart pans, whisks, measuring cups and spoons, etc.

Can you understand my longing for this particular mod con?

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

After reading that long list. I certainly can understand....!!!

inDdecor said...

1. you have a lot of dishes.
2. the bathtub works great under these circumstances.

Heidi / Savory Tv said...

This is strange but I actually enjoy washing dishes! That said, I have not had a dishwasher in over 10 years, so perhaps I am missing out. Whenever I attend a dinner party as a guest, it's fun to pop in the kitchen at the end and help to clean up, and after that it's just wine and dessert!

Veronica said...

Yes. We had similar dishwashing marathons to you till we got a d/w about 5 years ago. I could live without it if I had to, but I'm glad I've got it :)

Mind you, long washing up sessions at 1 a.m. after dinner parties used to be quite therapeutic -- we'd wind down and chat as we were doing it. On the downside we got through about a dozen wine glasses a year by breaking them while washing up when tired :)

Ksam said...

Ugh, that IS a lot of dishes to do by hand! I lasted a year in France without a dishwasher...even though we were flat broke, it was worth the extra expense for me, washing dishes is one of the things I hate the most! (though of course now I am back to washing them by hand again)

Sandy said...

I totally feel for you...I am in the same situation...and I have to next move...I am getting one!

Kalyn said...

My condolences. I don't think I could get by without a dishwasher, although right now my washer and dryer is in the garage while the house is being renovated and I'm managing without them (but definitely missing them!)

Loulou said...

And that was only for 4 people! When we have 6 or 8 over we do dishes for days.

(or should I say Kelley?)
1) Yes, we do have a lot
2) Unfortunately we don't have one! Or else I would use it for dishes.

I don't mind doing some dishes. But sometimes it borders on ridiculous.

We break loads of wine glasses too. And plates.
I've started buying the strongest wine glasses I could find to help minimize the breakage.

If we had a place to install a dishwasher, believe me, we would! I would find the money somewhere. Our kitchen is just too small.

It is worse to have had one and then not have one than to not know what you're missing.
When we move, if we ever can sell this house, it is #1 on the list!

We have a clothes dryer but never use it. I much prefer hanging our clothes to dry. I need a washing machine though!
When will your renovations be finished? You must be excited!

lafille said...

I have a dishwasher here in New Orleans for the first time ever. I've been here for 4 months and only used it twice, after dinner parties. I must say, those two times, I was definitely glad I have one!

Loulou said...

Lucky! How are you enjoying New Orleans?

roger said...

But Loulou, dishwashers don't do wine glasses & champagne flutes very well.

Loulou said...

True...but it cleans the pots pans, platters, plates and flatware very well!