February 3, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Roussin and Galotin du Dauphiné

Roussin and Galotin du Dauphiné are two petit, essentially bite-sized cheeses that I picked up at our local Intermarché.
I have to admit, it was their cute, dainty little size and the fact that they were sold in packs of four that sold me. And the Saint-Félicien...well, I had to buy some, it is irresistible!

Le Roussin is produced in the Haute-Marne by a cheesemaker who also makes two of France's most memorable cow's milk AOC cheeses, Langres and Époisses. Its full name is Roussin au marc de Bourgogne and it is rich, meltingly soft and creamy, with pleasant salty and mushroom flavors. The cheese's rind is bathed in marc de Bourgogne and is quite aromatic, but I tasted no lingering flavor from the spirits.
Some Chablis or Champagne would be a good wine match.

Le Galotin du Dauphiné is produced alongside Saint-Félicien and Saint-Marcellin cheeses in the Isère département of southwestern France. Its dry, chalky and chewy texture is similar to an aged Saint-Félicien. This is a mild, nutty flavored, soft cheese that just wasn't that special. Basically, it lacks character. If given the choice, I would prefer either Saint-Félicien or Saint-Marcellin to Le Galotin du Dauphiné.
A glass of red Côtes de Ventoux or white Viognier would pair with any of these three cheeses.

Both Roussin and Galotin du Dauphiné, although produced by individual cheesemakers, are sold by Rians a company that sells fromage blanc, yogurt, cheeses and other dairy products. (be warned - the website plays music) Pin It


Allie said...

They really are cute little cheeses!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh definetely the small cheeses for me...the Le Roussin sounds so tasty!!

Oh the dreaded Web site music :-) or in our case :-(

Loulou said...

That's why I couldn't resist them. :)

Le Roussin is wonderful!