January 23, 2009

Photo du Jour

I was being watched while out taking photographs the other day. Pin It


Sandy said...

awesome photo...

Laura said...

That is such a classic cat face.

Alison said...

Love. It.

Allan said...

Aw, kitty!

hebr23 said...

Absolutely adore your blog. Brilliant photography. I was bitten by the France bug during a visit about nine years ago. Cannot wait until the day I can return.


Jackie said...

lovely, as usual...

georgiegirl said...

Beautiful tabby. Since I am an avid animal lover/rescuer. c(currently, 5 dogs and 3 cats) Do they routinely alter their pets in France? Do you see strays? What about shelter?

Daniel said...

The news has carried stories of ferocious wind storms in western France. Were you affected?

Loulou said...


Isn't he a cutie?

Me too! Merci.

He was so calm, just staring at me. I got about 5 good shots of him. (or her, not sure which!)

Thank you for such a nice comment! Once France gets under your skin it is impossible to forget. Hope you return soon!

Glad you like it, thanks!

There is an ASPCA here, but they euthanize if the animals aren't adopted. There are also private shelters.
Lots of stray cats in the villages down here and they are terrible about neutering/spaying, so lots of kittens. Our little Domino is one of the stray kittens that we took in.

Yes, we were affected. Lost power for about 40 hours and the phone for 5 hours. The water is fine though.
Lots of trees and branches down and lots of billboards bent over.
It was a dramatic storm! The wind blew ferociously for about 12 hours on Saturday.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hope you didn't get too much damage...I was reading about it ...In France and Spain..horrendous damage in some places.

Loulou said...

Yes, some people have had terrible damage. It was really awful! The clean up is underway and things are getting back to normal.
Luckily we're fine and so is our house.