January 8, 2009

Photo du Jour - Roast Chicken and Potatoes

I buy one of these succulent, juicy roast chickens and a container of potatoes (they cook slowly in the dripping chicken fat - to die for!) at the market on Tuesdays. Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Yes sure are "JUICY" chickens! Reminds me of a few years ago when my hubby and I went to Le Touquet, self catering...we always used to get them, also we could get Paella as well..

oh I could just eat one of those now..:-)

Veronica said...

ooh, is that the same guy who comes to Lezignan? I love those gravy-soaked potatoes and onions almost more than the chicken :-)

How's the snow where you are?

Loulou said...

We love the roast chickens! There is Basque Chicken sometimes at another stall... we need to try it some day.

There are 2 in Olonzac so I wouldn't be surprised if one or both go to Lézignan too.
The chicken just wouldn't be the same without those potatoes! :)

We have about 1 inch of snow that shows no signs of melting. It is really cold and sunny.

David said...

I love the poulet crapaudine, which are spatch-cocked, rubbed with an abundance of salt and herbs, then roasted until the skin is hyper-crispy. Unfortunately I can eat a whole one by myself, so I try to get one only once a week!

Anonymous said...

We had these in the Rue Des Belles Feuilles in Paris last yr....the potatoes especially are glorious. Happy memories thank you.

Sue Caissy

Loulou said...

Craupadine...I've never seen one. Does the name come from crapeau (toad)?
Sounds amazing, especially all the crispy, salty skin.

The potatoes are so delicious. He had lots of onions in them this week, which I love!

Anonymous said...

This pic screams France to me. It is one of the things I love about France. My local butcher added something similar to his shop and the first time I walked in it was going- and the smell of rosemary and chicken juice was to die for. Almost started crying 'cause it reminded me of being in France!!

Isn't it funny what can trigger your memories and emotins?

katiez said...

There was one of these in our village in Andorra... And I never bought one. Stupid woman!
I haven't seen one here, maybe during the summer tourist season. Next time, I buy!

Anonymous said...

What is it about the French chickens that makes them taste so much better? The first time I saw those potatoes roasting in the bottom of the rotisserie I think I actually jumped up and down with glee.

Loulou said...

my melange
So wonderful that you can find a good roast chicken and potatoes in the States!
The smell of diesel fuel and cigarettes always makes me think of France. :) (it used to smell like that a lot more when I was an au pair 18 years ago)

Yes, you must! If you find a good one, you won't be disappointed.

Nothing better than potatoes cooked in chicken fat...
except maybe potatoes cooked in goose or duck fat!