January 10, 2009

Photo du Jour - The Cheese Guy

He happily gave samples and arranged the cheese so I could take a photo.
We ended up buying a small sliver of rather strong, salty, delicious fromage de brebis that had been matured for 18 months.
It was also covered with a powdery layer of cheese mites.
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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ah that was lovely of him, samples too!!

Did you see what I have for you on my blog?

Loulou said...

Yes, his cheese is expensive so he gives out samples to draw you in and get you hooked!
I saw your blog, yes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

He's a persuasive salesman. We had some of his cheese last autumn. It was like the one piled up by his left arm in the photo, and it was expensive. Very dense and strong. Not sure what it was called.
Love Olonzac market, the way it winds through the town

Loulou said...

His cheeses are all expensive!
Olonzac has a nice little market. We love that it is just down the road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulou
I think the cheese(plus mites) I bought was about 40 euros a kilo.
Forgotten my password, so posting as anon at the moment!


Loulou said...

That sounds about right. I wonder how much weight is added by the mites?
I usually buy from the man opposite who sells cheese for a much better price. They don't offer exactly the same kinds though.