January 6, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Kalidaan

Certain cheeses just belong on the breakfast table.

I don't mean cheese mixed in with eggs or made into quiche. Nor do I mean cheese melted over potatoes or baked into a breakfast strata.*

Just a wedge of fresh, tangy cheese.
Hopefully with a nice hunk of baguette and some fresh fruit or jam. Cheese like this one: Kalidaan.

Kalidaan is a soft, flavorful fromage de chèvre that is produced on a small farm (approximately 300 goats) in the Poitou-Charentes region.

There is no "goatiness" to this goat's cheese and the texture is wonderful and creamy with a mere hint of chalkiness. It has a well balanced, grassy, light flavor that was delicious with some cherry jam and bread for petit déjeuner.

As it was fairly early in the morning, I had a big café au lait with my wedge of Kalidaan.
A glass of crisp white wine from the Loire would also be good. A bit later in the day, of course.

*my mom used to make a mean strata for brunch on the weekends. Mentioning it brings back yummy childhood breakfast memories...

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spacedlaw said...

With honey. Yes. Yes PLEASE.

Unknown said...

People just don't eat enough cheese with breakfast these days. With cherry jam, this sounds amazing for a early-morning pick me up.

Jennifer said...

Yes, honey and goat's cheese! One of the most perfect food combinations!

vin de la table
I often eat plain yogurt and jam so why not cheese and jam? :)

Anonymous said...

can you please, please, please send a chunk of that over my way? pleeassseee? btw: in Latin cultures, we commonly eat guava jam with queso blanco.

Jennifer said...

I would have to drive back up to the Poitou-Charentes to get some more first. I can't find it down here in the south! :)
Guava jam and queso blanco sound wonderful.