December 10, 2008

What We Have to Look Forward to Tomorrow Morning

We have been asked to come into the Bureau des Étrangers at the sous-préfecture in Béziers for an interview. The first time ever. Hopefully it has to do with getting the coveted 10 year cartes de séjours, but we really have no idea.

The thing is, they didn't give us an appointment. That means we need to leave the house by 7AM in order to arrive before 8AM to wait in line outside (morning temperatures are predicted to be about 32-34 degrees F) so when the doors open at 8:30AM we'll get one of the precious few appointments that they dole out to the smallest number of people possible to interview before closing for the day at 11AM.

Looking forward to it. You betcha.

I'm not even worried about the interview part. It's the thought of standing outside freezing while we wait to take a number that sounds so awful.
Layers. Must wear many layers. And a hat.

(of course, if they give us our 10 year cartes de séjours, it will all be worth it! Here's hoping.) Pin It
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