December 25, 2008

Photo du Jour - Noël

A frosty, sunny Christmas morning. Joyeux Noël! Pin It


martha said...

Beautiful photograph. Thank you so much for letting me share a small view of such a beautiful place. I want to wish you and your family a peaceful and joyous Christmas and may you look forward to wonderful things in the coming year.

Betty C. said...

Joyeux Noël! It was very frosty this morning here too -- sunny, too, which is often the case for Christmas. Hope you had a great holiday.

kristin said...

Joyeux Noel from Grand Ciel Design. My parents have been to visit Southern France and they loved it. Beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful people. All the best for a Happy New Year!

Sur les Remparts said...

Thank you LouLou for taking care of our dog. As we can see the wether in the morning was prety cold and maby not very nice to walk. Now it's over and we are back to our days.
Thank you very much

Loulou said...

Thank you for such kind wishes. All the best to you and your family!

We had a wonderful day! Hope you did also. Now I'm looking forward to New Year's!

Thank you for kind the holiday wishes! Hope you're enjoying the festivities. Bonnes Fêtes!

Sur les Remparts
You are very welcome! The walks were cold, but very beautiful. Bisous!