December 9, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Fromage de Chèvre Fermier

Over the last year and a half I've tasted cheese blanketed with crushed walnuts, cheese covered and matured in grape marc, cheese wrapped in grape leaves, cheese washed with marc de Bourgogne, cheese sprinkled with winter savory and cheese dusted with ash.

Now here's a new one: this little fromage de chèvre is coated in minced seaweed.

My friend in Brittany recently discovered it and was so impressed that she thought it would be a great addition to la Fête du Fromage and sent me a piece. She was right!

It has no name.
The label only gives the name of the producers and the name of the farm, Élevage du Saint-Goal, in Pluvigner, and calls the cheese simply, Fromage de Chèvre fermier au lait cru.

The seaweed lightly infuses the unpasteurized goat's cheese with grass and herb flavors and there is a salty sea taste, which one would expect. There is none of that pronounced "goatiness" that turn some people off, rather a gentle, sweet, milky flavor. The texture is thick and rich, a little chalky and pleasantly chewy.

This cheese is a wonderful find! Maybe she'll send us some more one day. (hint hint)

We enjoyed some light, white wine with this fromage de chèvre. Some hard apple cider would also be good. Pin It
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