December 9, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Fromage de Chèvre Fermier

Over the last year and a half I've tasted cheese blanketed with crushed walnuts, cheese covered and matured in grape marc, cheese wrapped in grape leaves, cheese washed with marc de Bourgogne, cheese sprinkled with winter savory and cheese dusted with ash.

Now here's a new one: this little fromage de chèvre is coated in minced seaweed.

My friend in Brittany recently discovered it and was so impressed that she thought it would be a great addition to la Fête du Fromage and sent me a piece. She was right!

It has no name.
The label only gives the name of the producers and the name of the farm, Élevage du Saint-Goal, in Pluvigner, and calls the cheese simply, Fromage de Chèvre fermier au lait cru.

The seaweed lightly infuses the unpasteurized goat's cheese with grass and herb flavors and there is a salty sea taste, which one would expect. There is none of that pronounced "goatiness" that turn some people off, rather a gentle, sweet, milky flavor. The texture is thick and rich, a little chalky and pleasantly chewy.

This cheese is a wonderful find! Maybe she'll send us some more one day. (hint hint)

We enjoyed some light, white wine with this fromage de chèvre. Some hard apple cider would also be good. Pin It


Bruce Anderson said...

WOW...sounds very interesting. Where do you find these cheeses?

So, off topic. I have a question. Here in france, when you buy eggs from the market, do you put them in the fridge? Also, we now have 2 hens and two days we have had our first eggs, do we put them in fridge.

As you know in america we put the eggs in the fridge right away, but i was told not to do that with french eggs...but i heard that when you buy them from the market they are put under a "something" that basically makes them able to stay out of the fridge. but what about my fresh hen eggs?

I'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

Will send some more and find some new ones....
Brittany Bird

Anonymous said...

What an interesting, exciting cheese discovery! Glad to hear the report of the cheese's pleasant flavor.

Looking forward to next week's Fète du Fromage!

Jennifer said...

Our Juicy Life
This cheese was sent from Brittany. I've never seen it down here and since it comes from a farm it probably isn't available all over France. You might have to take a little holiday up north and get some.

Congratulations on your first egg! I read your post yesterday and love that photo of you holding the egg. :)
In the winter I don't refrigerate eggs as our house is never that hot. If you have a cool storage room I would keep them there. In the summer, unless I'm going to eat them right away, I keep eggs in the fridge.
Hope that helps!

OK! Would love to try anything you want to send.
If you have a blog with blogspot, why are you anonymous?

It was really delicious. I love having friends in other regions of France who are kind enough to send me cheese.
I hope to see an entry from you in December's Fête du Fromage!