December 8, 2008


Why does December always seem to spiral out of control?

It starts quietly enough. An event jotted down in the calendar here, a doctor's appointment there.
Then another invitation arrives. A lunch is planned. Another appointment is made. Friends are invited around for drinks and nibbles. The sous-préfecture decides that they need to see you in person for the first time in 5½ years, an outing that will take up at least half a day. Another Sunday lunch with friends means another day disappears. You realize that the grey in your hair needs immediate attention so you book an appointment at the salon and Oh My God, only 16 days until Christmas Eve and almost every day has something planned and you haven't even started working on your Christmas cards or decorating and both of your niece's birthdays are coming up so cards and gifts must be purchased and mailed and your wedding anniversary is looming and lunch reservations must be made and you've promised your husband potato latkes for the first night of Hanukkah and there's that Christmas concert to attend and you've promised your friends a ride to and from the airport and you've agreed to dog sit over the holidays and Christmas dinner needs to be planned and shopped for...

Every year, the same thing. It's amazing how it happens. And I don't even have a job or kids to work around.

December. Is. Out. Of. Control.

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