December 26, 2008

Am I Still In the South of France?

The clear blue skies and sunny weather of last week clouded over this morning and suddenly big, fluffy flakes of this strange white stuff that we seldom seen around these parts started falling from the sky...

Just in time for my 1½ hour drive to Perpignan airport to pick up our friends. The timing could not have been worse.

But this beautiful, white, winter wonderland landscape is amazing!

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Veronica said...

Yes, wow! We were gobsmacked when we woke this morning -- it's been so warm the past few days we just weren't expecting it. It looks as if there's more snow in the Minervois than there was here -- it was snowing quite hard, but not settling. All gone now.

I hope you had a good Christmas!

martha said...

You stole our weather! Stamps foot. It's milder here in the North Baltic than where you are.

wcs said...

We now have your clear skies, but no warmth. The north wind and clear skies make it cold, cold, cold!

Loulou said...

I was awake and out walking our neighbor's dog when it started. Couldn't believe when it started piling up!
All gone now here, too. It was pretty while it lasted!

You can have it back!

Cold here too. Winter certainly came early this year!

georgiegirl said...

I don't think that I am jealous. We are having warmer than usual weather here. It is going to be over 70F today. I hope that this comment gets published. The other one disappeared.

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

we got tons of it here in the Aveyron...started around 9 am...we went over to Najac to see some friends and thought it would be ok but NO...we had to be pushed up the hill just to get out of the village, took us over an hour to get home (usually 10 minutes), then we couldn't even get up the driveway, had to park the car in the road and walk up...argh!!!!

pamela said...

looks beautiful- the vines look nice covered in snow. We head up to our wine country on Monday...better not snow here, though it has been really cold.

Betty C. said...

Yes, it is pretty all right. Ours didn't last on Friday, but some parts of Aveyron got quite a bit.

Loulou said...

I talked to friends in New Orleans on Christmas day and they said it was 80 degrees there! (have to admit I was green with envy)

notre vie juteuse
Oh, what a pain! I hope it has melted now?
This is the coldest winter we've experienced here in the last 5 years.

I think they look really beautiful too.
Enjoy your trip. I hope you don't get snow!

It turned into rain about 5 hours after it started so disappeared pretty quickly. The same thing happened about 4 years ago. It dumped snow for a few hours and then melted right away.
It is fun to have snow every so often! But I wouldn't want to deal with it all winter long. :)

martha said...

We have - I was out this afternoon taking photos
Thank you

Loulou said...

Thank you for taking the snow back!