November 18, 2008

Photo du Jour

The neighboring village of Beaufort on a hazy autumn afternoon. Pin It


Alison said...

Ahh, Beaufort. Thanks.

georgiegirl said...


spacedlaw said...

Beaufort? As in: the cheese?

Loulou said...

Avec plaisir. :)

Thank you!

No, as in the little village of Beaufort here in the Minervois. Not a cheese making village, I'm sorry to say!

Papadesdeux said...

It always leaves me sad that the old chateau at Beaufort is left derelict. It is so impressive from a distance as you drive into the area. For years I've had a fantasy that a really rich history buff would convince the village to sell it and ask me to supervise the renovation into some sort of deluxe Bed'n Breakfast Spa Thing-a-ma-bob.

Loulou said...

It is forlorn looking, isn't it? You should contact the historical monument department and get them to lend you piles of Euros to renovate it into a fabulous Bed'n Breakfast Spa Thing-a-ma-bob.
I think that will work, don't you?