November 8, 2008

Photo du Jour

Seeing this makes me wonder about the history of this stone wall.
Was it originally a small opening in the village's remparts* wall? Was it a window?

*a defensive wall or fortification Pin It


Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Lou Lou,

I think this looks like a "meutriere" that the guards shot arrows out of way back when. It is a narrow slit from the front, but a wide space from the inside so the archer had plenty of room to aim.

My girls who who to school here in France taught me this!

Laura (from over at

Jacqui U said...

We have a lot of these in our barn walls and in the walls between our caves.

Here, they were to allow air to circulate whilst not letting rain in - wider on the outside than on the inside.

According to our neighbours anyway......


Loulou said...

Thanks for the help!

A second possibility. Thank you.
I wonder which one it was?