October 24, 2008

A Vote For America From the South of France

Our ballots finally arrived last week.
We were beginning to think that they never would.

I heard from many other expats around Europe that they received their ballots at the end of September or early October, so we waited anxiously every day for the mail woman to arrive (my hubby likes to wait for her anyway as she is often dressed in black leather pants, sexy high heels and revealing, tight sweaters), hoping that she would have our big envelopes from Washington state for us.
Every day...nothing. Until last Thursday.

We quickly filled them out and I took them to the village post office where they were treated with the utmost respect by the post mistress. They were carefully weighed and stamped and sent on their way.

Everyone in the village is hoping beyond hope that Obama will win and it felt like we were representing them all in this election. We did our part to get their voices heard.
Now come on America, do us proud!

And I just have to add that anyone who can vote for that woman for vice president, a woman who is the most scary, anti-female woman I think I've ever encountered, needs to have their head examined. Pin It
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