October 24, 2008

A Vote For America From the South of France

Our ballots finally arrived last week.
We were beginning to think that they never would.

I heard from many other expats around Europe that they received their ballots at the end of September or early October, so we waited anxiously every day for the mail woman to arrive (my hubby likes to wait for her anyway as she is often dressed in black leather pants, sexy high heels and revealing, tight sweaters), hoping that she would have our big envelopes from Washington state for us.
Every day...nothing. Until last Thursday.

We quickly filled them out and I took them to the village post office where they were treated with the utmost respect by the post mistress. They were carefully weighed and stamped and sent on their way.

Everyone in the village is hoping beyond hope that Obama will win and it felt like we were representing them all in this election. We did our part to get their voices heard.
Now come on America, do us proud!

And I just have to add that anyone who can vote for that woman for vice president, a woman who is the most scary, anti-female woman I think I've ever encountered, needs to have their head examined. Pin It


Dale said...

WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO SAY ABOUT SARAH! a wife, mom, achiever etc etc!!! I may agree she is not ready to be president or ever VP but give her a chance as a women!

i am not one obviously but her views are far from anti female I would say

Cathy said...

Good For You, Loulou. I'm with you 100%. The thought that she could become president scares the wits out of me. McCain did himself in with that pick. We're for Obama all the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi, LouLou, you said it!! Choosing her was an insult to all women; she is articulate but isn't thinking for herself, merely spouting off what she's been told to say. The worst of it is that she drags those poor children, especially the little one, to huge, noisy crowds, sometimes two places in one day, some mother! Marie

Rich said...

I'll make a deal with you. Let the mail woman be a photo du jour and I'll vote for Obama.

wcs said...

If "that woman" becomes VP I'm leaving the country.

Ooops, I already did that when W. became president...

Can I leave the planet?

Loulou said...

As mayor of Wasilla she allowed women to be charged for their own rape kit. Pretty anti-female if you ask me.

It was really a bad choice on McCain's part. As much as I would love to see a woman in the white house, this was a terrible pick!

Yes! Exactly!
Thanks for commenting (and agreeing with me!) :)

Ok, I'll try to get a photo of her for you. LOL
But you should vote for Obama anyway...

We'll go with you!

Our Juicy Life said...

Loulou - my husband received his ballot 2 weeks ago, I had to request an emergency ballot and voted on Wednesday - for Obama of course. One of our good friends is a diehard rebublican and HE voted for Obama...why, Palin. I agree with you 100% as well, yes she's a wife (so what), yes, she's a mom (so what) and achiever...have to question that one, but she's not a woman I would even consider looking up to.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Aw come on Loulou...tell us how you really feel ;)


Loulou said...

Great story about your friend voting for Obama. I would like to hear more of those!
No, she is definitely not someone to look up to.

I'm usually not political, but this year I just can't believe some of the stuff I'm seeing. Then when Palin came on to the scene it pushed me over the edge.
You have a lot of great links on Twitter that have been really educational. Thanks for that.

The Beaver said...


you have to read this:

The Rogue Diva

Loulou said...

Interesting article Beaver. Thanks for sharing it!

Betty C. said...

Read www.huffingtonpost.com today and find out how Sarah is "cming unhinged" and increasingly running her own hysterical campaign strategy.

My predictions:

1. Obama wins handily, perhaps not the landslide we had hoped for, but that will come in the Senate and House races.

2. The Republican party will find themselves shattered and tattered, much as the Socialist party is in France, torn apart by the blame game, the many Republican endorsements to Obama, etc.

3. Sarah Palin will emerge as a major leader and candidate for the next election -- and may found her own party to do so.

Danielle said...

My prediction for Sarah Palin's career is that she will not even be reelected in Alaska, but will happily accept a talk show on Fox News. I'm appalled that she is a candidate for VP, but do give her credit for being entertaining. Her judgment on social and moral issues contrasts sharply with my own.

I cast an absentee ballot for Obama, based entirely on his own merit, but reinforced by my distaste for the lunatics on the Republican ticket.

Loulou said...

Oh I hope you are right! On numbers 1 and 2.
Number 3 - yikes! But that would be very interesting to watch...

She would be perfect on Fox News. Very funny to think about!
Glad to hear of another vote for Obama. :)

Brian said...

I just liked your opening photograph and I also live in the South of France near Castelnaudary.

garry said...

Along with the many male readers of your wonderful blog I just have to say "mail woman - photo du jour - PLEASE!"

Anonymous said...

Yay! We sent our ballots in last week. And you can add my husband to the (hopefully) growing list of Republicans who voted for Obama. :)

Loulou said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Glad you like the photo.
Look forward to hearing more from you and reading your site. I tried to link to your HubPages about the Minervois but it wouldn't go through. I'll try again!

I'll see what I can do...
she's currently on vacation but should be back after the Toussaint holidays.

Yahoo! Another convert!

bonnie said...

Good job loulou, you are absolutely correct. I live in California (soon to be coming to the south of france for a year) and she is not popular here. Obama will take California, and everyone I know is holding their breath until Wednesday.

Loulou said...

People are holding their breath, you're right! I just want it to be over.
How wonderful that you're moving here to France for a year! You'll love it.
Where are you going to live?