October 7, 2008

Photo du Jour - Olonzac Market

Last Tuesday at the Olonzac market. Still enjoying warm, sunny days in the south of France! Pin It


wcs said...

You're lucky with the warm sunny stuff. And look at that citrus! I've been craving oranges and finally bought some. They were disappointingly pithy.

I know, however, that clémentine season is just around the corner!

john said...

Bought a half kilo bag of olives at Olonzac market in the summer.
They were ripe and jucicy - best I had ever tasted.

Betsy said...

Beautiful! I posted a similar photo series of color from a trip to our Farmer's Market in Minneapolis from this weekend. We've got to soak it all in while we can!

Loulou said...

we are having a gorgeous autumn so far!
I can't wait for clémentines!

There are two great olive sellers at the market. I love the garlic and parsley ones. But they make the fridge smell!

I'll have a look at your photos!
I love the market. Fortunately it runs all year and becomes very festive during the holidays.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

I was enjoying your Paris images on Flickr as we are mutual contacts and found that you had a blog...so here I am.

Love your crisp and colorful images and the wealth of information on your stunning blog. Most especially, I love the posts about cheeses.
I know some about cheese, and being half French, but always feel I don't know enough and want to learn more.

You make it so easy and accessable to gain more "Cheese Knowledge" each day...! ! !
Merci mille for sharing your knowledge and your France with us...! ! !

(I will be reading often to catch up on all your cheese posts....)

Loulou said...

Bienvenue! Glad you're enjoying the photos and the cheese posts. :)