October 1, 2008

Photo du Jour - Driving

This is the view through the windshield whenever we drive anywhere right now.

The vendange is almost over though. The purple grapes hanging in the vineyards have almost all been picked and taken to be crushed.
The yeasty, musty aroma of fermenting grapes fills the air. Pin It


wcs said...

They've picked up the pace here, too (harvesting, not speed of tractors on roads).

I think they're seeing the weather change and want to get everything in before it gets wet.

KoffeeBean said...

I enjoy reading your Blog.
My husband & I have traveled to France for the past 5 years. We decided to stay in the US this year!!
We have stayed in Paris & have also visited Auch area & the area near St. Zachary.

Loulou said...

I think that might be happening here too. Rain is predicted this weekend.

Thanks for saying hello. I'm glad you enjoy reading Chez Loulou. :)
Hopefully you'll come back to France next year!

Paola said...

I can't stop telling you this LouLou, but through your blog I feel like I'm always in France!

I haven't been around the blog world for a while, but coming back here is absolutely wonderful. Gorgeous pictures!


Loulou said...

I'm glad you enjoy the photos! Welcome back. It looks like you've been busy. :)