October 13, 2008

My Mastercard Ads

Pocket sized English/Spanish/Catalan phrase book...€8
Map of Catalonia...€4

Filling up the car with a full tank of fuel...€65

Jumping in the car at 9 a.m. and arriving in Barcelona in time for lunch...priceless

Yearly membership to the AVF...27€
French language textbook...13€
Notebooks, paper, pens and many, many Wite Out correction pens...40€
The first time I was able to have a lengthy conversation in French with our 85 year old neighbor...priceless

Une noisette et un croissant at our favorite café...€2.30
New copy of Cuisine et Vins de France...
A roasted chicken and sides of vegetables and potatoes to take home for lunch...
Enjoying a leisurely morning at the café after finishing my weekly grocery shopping at the local market...priceless

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Veronica said...

ditto with the first, except we don't go as far as Barcelona -- we go to El Trull d'en Francesc instead, less stress! Lovely for Saturday or Sunday lunch, but phone first (try out your Catalan/Castillano, but they speak French too) to be sure of a table.

Cuisine et Vins de France .. you go for that too :-) Actually I stopped buying it a while back because it got a bit repetitive, but it's time I looked at it again.

Here's another:

Home-made bread, pâté, home-made frittata, cheese for picnic: about 4 euros
Red wine from the coopérative: free because we're members
Spending the night in a sleeping bag on the Montagne d'Alaric, watching shooting stars: priceless!

Anonymous said...

Apartment in Paris: 1100 euros/month
Métro pass: 55 euros/month
Vélib pass: 29 euros/year
Living in Paris and not having to worry about driving or parking: priceless

Betsy said...

Tank of gas in Fairbanks - $55
Denali National Park road fee - $20
Denali Interior Bus Fare - $34
In the presence of The Great One - priceless

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Very cute post! Loved it!

Loulou said...

Thanks for the resto recommendation! I've only bought a few Cuisine et Vins in the last year. I find their winter editions are great.
Love your ad! How are you a member of the co-op? Do you have vines?

Love it! No parking worries in Paris equals a virtually stress free life (I imagine).

How lucky you are to see such spectacular scenery in such an amazing part of the world!

where's your ad??? :)
Glad you liked this one.

Veronica said...

Hi Loulou

Kind of. That is, we have a plot, but it was pulled up this year, to be replanted in the spring. So no vendanges this year, but we still get our allocation of wine!

It was a bit sad because the vines (Carignan) were older than we are! The yield had dwindled to almost nothing though, and it will be replanted with a trendier variety ... Syrah or grenache.

Off-topic, but I was amazed to see in the paper today that the Aude now has about as much acreage of wines as it had in 1850! Parts of the Minervois seem to be particularly hard-hit.

Our Juicy Life said...

an amazing bottle of Gaillac red - 4.50 euros
all the vegetable and fruit for a week from the marché - 20 euros
riding and being welcomed by 25 french men who are part of the Villefrance cycling club - priceless

Loulou said...

I hadn't read that about the Aude. I know that they're uprooting vines and building houses like crazy around here. It's sad! I hate to see the changes...

Our Juicy Life
Bravo! That is another great one.
I think you were meant to live in France. :)