October 13, 2008

My Mastercard Ads

Pocket sized English/Spanish/Catalan phrase book...€8
Map of Catalonia...€4

Filling up the car with a full tank of fuel...€65

Jumping in the car at 9 a.m. and arriving in Barcelona in time for lunch...priceless

Yearly membership to the AVF...27€
French language textbook...13€
Notebooks, paper, pens and many, many Wite Out correction pens...40€
The first time I was able to have a lengthy conversation in French with our 85 year old neighbor...priceless

Une noisette et un croissant at our favorite café...€2.30
New copy of Cuisine et Vins de France...
A roasted chicken and sides of vegetables and potatoes to take home for lunch...
Enjoying a leisurely morning at the café after finishing my weekly grocery shopping at the local market...priceless

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