October 26, 2008

Like to Cook

For the last 14 months I've been the sole contributor on a site called Like to Cook.
As of Tuesday morning the German company who owns the site canceled all of their English speaking contracts.
Thus, no more writing for Like to Cook for me.

If I had known that this was coming I could have said a giant merci et au revoir to my readers over there. Unfortunately I had no idea and have now been locked out of the site, so I decided to say my thank you here, just in case any of you read both sites.

I guess this will give me a lot more time to devote to Chez Loulou.
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Betty C. said...

Oh I'm sorry! And I actually hadn't really been keeping up with that blog, but it seems like you were doing some really good pieces for it.I hope you were earning a little money, at least.

Should you maybe think about creating your own cheese-focused blog? I don't know if I've seen anything out there written from France, in English, with that theme.

Have a good weekend!

Danielle said...

Sorry to hear that you lost your other blog so suddenly. Don't let anything happen to Chez Loulou! :)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh loulou that is quite sad! I had been reading it most days, had link in my blog roll. Yes why don't you do a CHEESE blog as betty.c suggested...would be great!

Cathy said...

I enjoy your blog very much and love all your beautiful photos. I'll vote for a cheese blog too. I visit often. Thanks.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Well that wasn't very cool of them. I'll gladly welcome more cheese too :)

CPla said...

Always disappointing when people behave that way. It is not just disrespectful of you, it disrespects all their readers who followed your blog.

Never mind, devote the time and energy to your own blog, at least the end result is all yours.

Loulou said...

I was earning money by writing for them so it wasn't good news that they canceled my contract!
Now I need to work on building more traffic to Chez Loulou to earn more advertising money.

I have thought about a cheese blog...wait and see!

Chez Loulou is mine so nothing is going to happen to it. :)

Thanks for the support. You always left great comments on Like to Cook and I appreciated it!
That's vote number 2 for a cheese blog. Hmm....

Thank you for such a nice comment. A cheese blog would be fun...

No, it wasn't cool of them. I wrote an article on Monday and the email came totally out of the blue Tuesday morning.
Oh well, c'est la vie!

Yes, I would have liked the chance to say something on Like to Cook. A goodbye, at the very least.
I plan on devoting more time to Chez Loulou.
Thanks for the support!