September 25, 2008

Photo du Jour - Fading Away

L'Abeille Audoise

Old, fading storefront in Lézignan-Corbières. Pin It


Veronica said...

Recognised it immediately :-) There are lots of dilapidated buildings in Lézignan -- we are doing our bit by restoring a ruin not far away!

Betty C. said...

What do you think they sold? Do you know?

Loulou said...

Yes, Lézignan is a bit triste. They have a great Wednesday market though.
Hope the restoration is coming along nicely.

No idea. I had to look at the name twice. At first I thought it said La Belle Audoise. Not L'Abeille Audoise.
It looks like it has been closed for a while.

Veronica said...

It was an épicerie/general store kind of place. I think it was still (just about) open when we first moved here!

The restoration is going well in the sense that we now have a roof and floors ;-) The eviction of dozens of pigeons and two decades of their accumulated muck has certainly raised the tone of the neighoburhood!

Loulou said...

Thanks for the information about the shop. I love that name!

Sounds as if things are coming along at your place. I look forward to hearing about the progress.