September 2, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - La Bouyguette

La Bouyguette

La Bouyguette is a slender, wrinkly, quenelle shaped goat's cheese from the stunning Tarn département of southern France. It is an artisanal cheese, produced on a small farm where a herd of 160 goats are allowed to feed on the sweet grass and flowers of the mountains north of Albi.

The cheese's unusual shape is formed by hand from the curds of unpasteurized goat's milk. It is then wrapped up in linen cloth with a a small branch of rosemary and allowed to mature for three weeks.
The rosemary subtly perfumes the cheese and the linen cloth gives the exterior of la Bouyguette a striking, furrowed texture.

This is another delicious chèvre. It has a sweet, grassy aroma and it's snowy-white interior has a silky smooth, velvety texture that melts in your mouth. The flavor was soft and slightly goaty, with hints of grassy meadows and rosemary.
I absolutely loved the creamy texture and soft, sweet flavor of this cheese.

La Bouyguette

The farm where it is produced, la Colline aux Chèvres, has a great website (in French) with descriptions of all of their cheeses and photos of some of the goats.

The rosemary and grassy flavors of la Bouyguette paired well with our local red Minervois wine.

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