August 17, 2008

Photo du Jour

Toothsome, whole grain walnut bread and a crunchy baguette.
What's missing from this photo?

Cheese of course! Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese !!!! :-)

Helen said...

Oh yes! Bring on the goat cheese and the brie! All Oozy and ripe. Yum. Maybe a ripe peach or pear too.

Loulou said...


we tasted some cheese for lunch today, a special Brie and some goat's cheese.
How did you know????


Paola said...

Yum! How I love French bread! We recently discovered a real French baker here. I can't ven begin to tell you how happy I am!!


ps: i think the bread would also go well with a little tapenade. :P

Loulou said...

Yes, tapenade, definitely! I like the green tapenade.
That's great that you have a French bakery by you. One can't have enough good bread.