August 28, 2008

Photo du Jour - Wine Press

Remnants of an old wine press.

The vendange has begun! The white is currently being harvested and the red will begin, normalement, around September 10. Pin It


Anonymous said...

How would you translate "normalement?" Is it like, "if all goes according to plan," or something along those lines?

Marylène said...

Thanks for the information,I am leaving next week for Perpignan area and it is the first time I go ther so late in Summer and, although I do appreciate the local wines and Muscat, I have never had the opportunity to see the harvest.
Hope the schedule is the same.

wcs said...

Wow - not harvesting yet up here in the Touraine. I wonder when they'll start?

Jennifer said...

Usually it does mean "normally" or "if all goes according to plan."
I meant it kind of tongue in cheek, as it is a word often used in conversation here to subtly inform you not to expect the thing they're promising to happen when they say it will.

I'm sure the vendange is on there too. Enjoy your trip! Hope you get some time on the beach.

I was surprised to hear that it started already. It seems early, however September is almost here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That's what I thought. :)

Jennifer said...

Je vous en prie. :)

Paola Westbeek said...

It's pictures like this one that take me away, LouLou! Love it!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Paola! Glad you like it.