August 26, 2008

Photo du Jour - Spice!

One of the things that isn't easy to find in rural areas of the south of France is chili peppers.
We grow our own so I can make spicy Mexican, Thai, Indian, etc. Pin It


wcs said...

I grew cayennes a couple of years ago and had such a good harvest that we preserved them in jars by filling them with boiling vinaigre.

We're still using them, and they're great! I'm going to plant some more next year and do the same thing.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Amazing little plant !!! :-)

georgiegirl said...

I grow my own peppers and spices needed for my Thai cuisine. Each summer, we eat well because we get to grow our own vegetable in our little potager. Would love to share the photos with you.

Papadesdeux said...

What a great idea, although I'm not sure it will go over big if I rip out the bougainvilleas. The "balcons de ville" are only big enough to handle one big pot each. Sigh. Another sacrifice to city living.

Jennifer said...

You must have had a bumper crop!
We have three plants that have produced about 20 chiles. I've given several away and will freeze the rest.
I like the vinegar idea too, thanks for sharing.

and a spicy one, too!

Please do. Can you email me the photos? What else do you grow?

maybe you could grow one or two in a little pot?
I understand about the balcony garden. After the garden is sold that's all we'll have too. I'll plant some herbs and probably tomatoes in the summer.