August 3, 2008

Photo du Jour - August

August grapes starting to ripen.
Took a long walk through the parched vineyards yesterday morning while the air was still cool. Pin It


My Mélange said...

Stunning and beautiful. I can just taste the wine they will make!!

Ken Broadhurst said...

Hi Loulou, I haven't seen any evidence of grapes ripening here in the Touraine vineyards. When is your harvest down there, normally? Up here, it is toward Sept. 20.

Loulou said...

my mélange
Me too!

The harvest will begin in early to mid September. The grapes start to turn in August and will all be dark purple rather quickly.

HamishWM said...

This is a fantastic picture.
It makes the wine world even more fun when we are working with something so pure and natural.

Loulou said...

The vines are such a wonderful photography subject. I'm endlessly wandering around the vineyards taking photos.
I'm sure you have taken a wealth of photos yourself, but if you ever need some for your site, I have many!