August 19, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Brebis du Larzac

The Causse du Larzac - Larzac Plateau - in the Aveyron in central France, is home to many sheep, many cheesemakers and many serious cheeses.
Roquefort AOC, Pérail du Larzac, Bleu des Causses and Laguiole AOC are all produced in this here, as is my most recent discovery, Brebis du Larzac.

This week I picked up this little wedge of Brebis du Larzac from a cheese vendor who comes down from the Aveyron from time to time to sell his cheese at the Olonzac market.

What a discovery!

Brebis du Larzac has a natural, moldy exterior and melt-in-your mouth texture that develops after 6-8 weeks of affinage in humid conditions on the farm.

Soft, floral and honey flavors tickle your tongue as you savor each bite of this meaty, richly textured cheese. It has an elegant, round aroma, full of herbs and grass, that reminded me of Italian Pecorino.

A glass of robust, Minervois red paired perfectly with Brebis du Larzac.

Next time, I'm buying a bigger piece! Pin It
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